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Militia, 9th Brigade, 16th Regiment, 1st. Battalion, Militia, Captain George Washington McGee’s Company.

The State of Maryland has long standing tradition of citizen soldiers dating back to 1634 when the state was founded by the Calvert family.

In 1745 the state Maryland subdivide a large portion of Prince Georges County and a portion of Baltimore county to create Frederick County. Like her sister colonies, it was quickly realized that there was a strong need to established a series of outposts to its western frontier. These outposts had to be manned so as to protect those settlers on it's frontier. Fort Cumberland and Fort Frederick were two of these such forts and they were the responsibility of the militias to man and patrol to the west.

Prior to and during the War of 1812 the Frederick County Militia not only provided security to the western borders of Maryland, but to our nation's capitol itself.  On the 24th of August 1814 the 16th Regt. saw brief action at the Battle of Bladensburg and then retired to Baltimore to help dig battlements at Chincapin Hill (known today as Hampstead Hill).

Today we try to recreate this time in our state and nations history with the reenacted 16th Maryland Militia Regiment or Frederick County Militia as we call it.

Roger Thor Roop

Founding member and descendant of Jacob Roop (soldier in Capt. G.W. McGee's Company, 16th Regt.)